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Mctimoney_2Liz Troman MSc RVN Cert Ed BHSAI
Equine – Canine Health & Performance
McTimoney for Animals

Telephone: 07989 986620 Email:

Signs & symptoms:

Signs your horse may benefit from treatment include:

  • Unlevel movement, especially behind, unexplained gait changes
  • Unexplained deterioration in usual performance
  • Following a fall or accident
  • Following getting cast in the stable
  • Uneven hoof or shoe wear, toe dragging, tripping.
  • Changes in behaviour such as reluctance to work or to carry out specific movements including  napping, rearing, bucking and refusing
  • Asymmetry including stiffness on one rein or difficulty bending one way or no longer moving straight
  • Loss of impulsion, difficulty in engaging the hindquarter or an inability to track up
  • Tight, sore painful areas around the back, neck and quarters
  • Uneven muscle development or loss of muscle tone
  • Problems with behaviour when being groomed, saddled or mounted.
  • Head tilting or shaking
  • Preference to one canter lead or trot diagonal
  • Lack of top line
  • Jumping to one side, refusing to jump, rushing fences, jumping flatly or bucking on landing
  • Shifting of weight when standing

Signs your dog may benefit from treatment include:
  • Reluctance to exercise or play
  • Following a fall or knock
  • Crying or yelping when getting up from rest
  • Changes of posture or movement
  • Difficulty climbing stairs or jumping in and out of car
  • Unexplained changes in behaviour or temperament
  • Deterioration in usual performance, speed or jumping ability
  • Reluctance or discomfort when being brushed or stroked
  • Stiffness or uneven movement, toe-dragging and scuffing
  • Uneven claw wear
To discuss any aspect of McTimoney, please call 07989 986620 or email

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